MV Diabetes
MV Hospital
M.V. Hospital for Diabetes situated at Royapuram, Chennai, was established by late Prof. M. Viswanathan, Doyen of Diabetology in India, in 1954 as a general hospital. In 1971 it became a hospital exclusively for diabetes care. Under Prof. M. Viswanathan’s professional and administrative leadership, the hospital has grown to achieve the status of a teaching institution of international excellence. The hospital along with the Diabetes Research Centre undertakes research and imparts Postgraduate training in diabetology to doctors. It has, at present, 100 beds for the treatment of diabetes and its complications. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest referral centres for diabetes, with 2,00,000 patients registered to-date. It is recognised as an internationally known tertiary care centre for referral of diabetic patients requiring the opion of a super-specialist and for the DIABETES MANAGEMENT.

The hospital has several unique features. The departments of the hospital include OPD, a sophisticated high technology diagnostic laboratory,facilities for major emergency and elective surgery, department s for early diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney and Eye disease, Doppler studies and Biothesiometry studies for early diagnosis of Diabetic Foot complications department of Imaging, treadmill Stress testing for the diagnosis of Ischemic heart disease and establishing the prognosis, foot wear department and a modern ICU & Casualty Department. The staffing pattern of the institution includes diabetologists, physicians, surgeons and various other members of the diabetes health care team including highly qualified dietitians, specialist nurses and assistants specially trained as diabetes health educators.

The entire set up is an organisation built to provide modern outpatient and inpatient services to diabetic patients and their families. The hospital is recognised by several public sector undertakings and corporations and large private sector companies for the purpose of treating their executives and employees.

Diabetes Research Centre
The Diabetes Research Centre Foundation, Chennai, was started to promote research in the field of diabetes mellitus. Established in 1972, it was soon recognised as a research institute for undertaking advanced research in diabetes by the Indian Council of Medical Research. In 1983 it was recognised by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, New Delhi as a research institute. The centre has been in the forefront of clinical and basic research in diabetes in this country. Today the Centre has research collaboration with several prestigious institutes and universities in USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Work done at the centre has resulted in nearly 500 original research papers including over 300 published in some of the most prestigious diabetes journals from USA and Europe. The Centre ensures appropriate translation of research findings into improvement in patient care and public health.

International Recognition & Related Activities
M.V. Hospital for Diabetes & Diabetes Research Centre has been designated by the World Health Organization, Geneva as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research, Education and Training in Diabetes in India. The Collaborating Centre forms part of an institutional collaborative network set up by The World Health Organization in support of its plan of action for the control and prevention of diabetes mellitus by evolving appropriate programmes at country, inter-country, regional, inter-regional and global levels as necessary.The World Health Organization and the Govt. of India for the first time have identified our centre for training of diabetes health care providers under the scheme of WHO Fellowship Programme in Diabetes Mellitus. WHO is sponsoring fellows including doctors and nurses for training at our Centre.

M.V. Hospital for Diabetes and Diabetes Research Centre have been established to provide quality diabetes health care with accepted international standards of excellence in the field. The goals of the institution are to achieve excellence in patient care & research and to maintain high standards of professionalism.With the above goals in view, the management is regularly strengthening the administration by bringing in modern management concepts and techniques into the realm of its daily patient care services. The hospital has been awarded ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification by British Standards Institution, UK. The management of M.V. Hospital for Diabetes & Diabetes Research Centre is based on Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts and the patient care and administrative services provided reflect total quality management processes that are followed throughout the organization.

Human Resources

M.V. Hospital for Diabetes and Diabetes Research Centre are staffed by highly qualified and dedicated professionals who give their best for the patients both in the areas of outpatient and inpatient services.

Clinical Care

The hospital attracts patients from different parts of the country and neighbouring countries like Srilanka, Singapore and the Gulf countries.Both in the Outpatient department and in the Inpatient departments, efforts are taken to achieve the target of making every person with diabetes lead a healthy life. Complications due to diabetes such as foot problems, eye and nerve diseases are also attended to.

Out Patient Department

M.V. Hospital FacilitiesTelephonic appointments for outpatients can be made throughout the day and night. The Receptionists apart from giving the date and time of appointment will give detailed information about the location of the hospital and the relevant medical information required by the patients. Appointments can also be made through Email ( the arrival of the patient, registration counter will promptly register the patient’s details and the Patient Relations Officer and Outpatient Services Coordinator will assist the patient in availing the services offered by the OPD.

Inpatient Department

M.V. Hospital FacilitiesThe Inpatient Department registration counter will provide information about the schedule of charges for different types of rooms, wards, the Casualty and ICU. The charges for rooms vary depending on the kind of room selected by the patient. During the stay of the patient, a number of highly skilled people help to make the stay comfortable and the patient is attended to by Consultant Diabetologists assisted by various other Consultants and Postgraduate trainee doctors.The nursing staff of the hospital provide the patient with dignified, compassionate and professional nursing care. The hospital dietary service provides special meals as advised by the Consultant Diabetologist. All meals are planned and their preparation supervised by trained and competent dieticians. At the end of the stay the patient is given the ‘discharge summary’ before he/she leaves the hospital.

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