Women Businesses

As a women-owned firm it is an honor to work with women that are starting and growing their businesses. While each industry is different there are many strategies and FUNDINGsources available to women.

Minority-Owned Business

Choosing to start a business may show the same statistics in any industry but it is completely different when you consider the business owner operating that business.

Disabled-Owned Business

For the last ten years AVITA has been training and advising enterpreneurs with disabilities.As qualified business experts we have worked with a multitude of disabilities including service-disabiled veterans and supportive self-employment.


AVITA Business Center integrates small businessconsulting services with results driven training classes for women, minorities, and persons with disabilities that are starting or growing a business and for agencies seeking qualified business experts for business training and advising.We have had experience in hundreds of industries. Our clients range from new businesses trying to get a start in their industry to large established corporations looking to improve their business margins in selected markets or through new MARKETING channels.

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